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User Managment / Customer Relationship Management
Do you know exactly how much turnover your employees are generating including the amount of time, the region, with which customers and with which pictures? You should – at any time you want.
User management is at the heart of your business relationships and hardly will you find more CRM possibilities somewhere else. Create and manage all photo agency relevant user accounts such as customers, administrators, photographers, export and import partners, keywording stall, models or newsletter subscribers. You can also export your user data. And, you have the possibility to contact the whole user group or individuals via email or newsletters directly from the user management. By the way, there is also a customer-specific price calculator, individual discount systems, communication tools, user statistics, ABC clusters, sticky tags, blocking histories, …
Icon Asset Management
Digital Image Management
Are you able to sort, filter, analyze, group, disable, block, export and manage millions of pictures? Can you overwrite a whole series of pictures with lists of new keywords? And do everything online as well?
Image management covers all pictures, whether they are active, inactive, partner collections or archived pictures. You can import data via FTP-/HTTP upload including the creation of upload sessions and you can read existing, embedded IPTC or XMP data. The image management automatically generates thumbnails and previews and assigns any colour mode. You are able to manages releases, manage image master data, request sales histories, export picture series or simply overwrite picture lists with new CSV files. Check the picture quality or run individual, customer specific functions using batch processing. Because of the extensive sorting functions, you will always maintain order in your database.
Icon E-Commerce
Do you offer your customers individual pricelists for RM and RF online? Also RF pictures with editorial pricing? In a subscription, with a quantity discount or graduated prices? Editorial, commercial, press or art?
RF pictures as well as RM collections are the established licence types on the market. Partner networks are exploding and customers are demanding variety. Sodatech helps you to cope with the work involved with different licence types in a professional and efficient way. Compile virtual RF CDs or manage physical CDs with an ERP tool, define prices of your collections, make use of different customer-specific price calculators and offer your editorial customers RF pictures for RM conditions. Determine discounts and special offers and maintain clarity in a legal jungle. Be ready for RF/RM.
Icon Statistics
Comprehensive Statistics
Revenues, sales, pictures, clicks, traffic per day, month, year, periods, hours per customer, customer group, publisher, company as a chart, Excel, CSV, text & and if you want, there is also the weather forecast.
It is getting more and more important for photo agencies to know the behaviour of their customers. With our reports, you will be able to recall all imaginable information in order to conduct marketing activities much more systematically. After all, you would like to know which pictures have been clicked how many times. Furthermore, you can evaluate and export all your reports. Your marketing department will adore you…
Icon Keywording
Keywording & Batch Processing
Do you use several different programs to upload, keyword and translate? Or do you keyword and translate hundreds of pictures using a batch process, saving many hours of work?
Keyword online from all over the world. Write the keywords in your language and let the translation system deal with the rest. Keyword hundreds of pictures via batch processing and benefit from functions that were undreamt of so far. Naturally, you will be supported by a hierarchy tool, a synonym tool and a category tool – if you want. Furthermore, you are able to pass on the keywording to external employees and check the number of pictures, the quality and costs at any time you want. Stay flexible!
Icon Export
Partner Portal & Export Tools
Do you still have to send hard disks to your partners? What about creating an automatic export task that enables you to send new pictures automatically via FTP, as a direct link, or directly via an interface?
Photo agencies are looking for good partners more and more to market their own picture inventories globally. This means a lot of work – but not with our tool. At the press of a button, you can export your predefined picture lists periodically to partners and other platforms. For instance, image partners of Getty or Corbis are able to create templates with just a few clicks, which generate export files based on detailed settings. In the process, you can define the export quality, the picture resolution, the language or exclusion criteria.

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